by Amanda Manyatshe 

What do you do when you’re about to meet someone for the first time? Where do you go? What food do you order? Are you gonna salad it or go full on and let them see the real you from day one? First dates are always an anxiety filled abyss until they actually happen and then you wonder what the fuss was all about. But have you ever thought about what your restaurant choice says about you? How does that food tie up to who you are and what you’re trying to say to the other person? Does it or is it all just coincidental?

Mbali* (not her real name) was told by a suitor that he could take care of her. That she never had to worry about a thing. When she finally said yes to a date, Mr I Got You, took her to Fontana.

James* never saw himself settling down and thought nothing of cooking for his lady at the time. After all, he enjoyed cooking. So he made her a creamed salmon pasta and paired it with a Chardonnay. He was off the market after that.

I happened to catch an episode of a local soap called The River where a black character shared lunch with his new potential love interest who happens to be white and the first meal they shared was a sheep’s head – her favourite! He was shocked…she was enjoying each mouthful.

As chefs most people shy away from cooking for us. Some don’t even know what places to suggest just in case it isn’t up to “our standards”.

This is a fun post. A tell me your story post. Have you had a disaster date? Or even a really good first date? Has your career ever influenced how people treat you when it comes to food they make for you or order? What makes you choose the cuisine that you choose for a first date? What do you want your first date meal to say about you? How does that first date food tie into your identity? Are you going to grind and swallow those KFC bones like you do at home or order their grilled chicken wrap…show them the bone cruncher later?

For foods sake! Why do some people order a salad when they know full on that they want a steak and then pick every second chip you didn’t get off your plate? Why do we go to expensive establishments to make a good first impression then struggle with maintaining that image? Or make promises of grandeur then take our potential love interest to a place that does not match up with the image painted?