SA POC at the Table is a group that fosters opportunities for skills exchange, networking and collaboration for people of colour in the food and beverage industry, and related creative industries on the African continent. It functions as a platform for all those wanting a seat at the table. Through coversation and awareness about the marginalisation of African food, culture and voices, especially in the food and beverage industry, we aim to foster meaningful relationships to convert this into action to transform the status quo. SA POC at the Table, or SAPOC as we call ourselves, is a movement that serves to empower people of colour in South Africa, as well as our comrades in Africa through on-going discourse and by hosting workshops, collaborations and events. We welcome the support of progressive allies.

SA POC at the Table Ethos:

  • We believe in a longer table for all, and celebrating each member because a victory for one, is a victory for all.
  • We believe in prioritising the voices of Black women, trans and queer-gender folks, differently abled people and those who remain marginalised.
  • We oppose systems built on the patriachy and opression and are a feminist movement
  • We value intersectionality and are willing to unlearn behaviours that result in exclusion.
  • We believe in collaboration.
  • We strive to make SA POC a safe space-protecting the privacy of communication and the wishes of the members.
  • We are  community-first movement

If you’d like more information or would like to assist with time, resources or funds, please email us at info@sapoctable.com