Yolisa Qunta

Yolisa Qunta is a published author, freelance writer, editor and researcher based in Cape Town. She spent her formative years in Zimbabwe and Botswana as a child to political exiles and returned to South Africa with her family in 1993. Her food writing is deliberate about centering POC and telling the stories of food producers in an authentic way.

Q & A with Yolisa

1. Communities like this are important because previously and currently marginalized people need safe spaces in which to collaborate, vent and network. This way we all keep building together.
2. In terms of writing, I feel like Mary Fawzy is goals! She is fearless, does meticulous research and is not afraid to let the personal be political when it comes to her work.
3. Transformation will happen when we stop waiting for gatekeepers to allow us to be successful. Yes there are structural barriers to entry but as a united front we can do a lot to overcome those.
4. You can find Yolisa Qunta on twitter @yolisaq and on Instagram @yolisaqunta