Verushka Ramasami

Verushka is highly motivated and juggles a full time a job as a lecturer and a popular blog. With a passion for food and travel, Verushka has used her training as an educator with a hospitality background to run a successful South African blog.

Q & A with Verushka

  • My vision is to see more POC sitting at tables and been included in all environments as well as building a network of support in the industry
  • There are so many amazing people doing phenomenal things out there. This year while on a trip to Dubai I met the most beautiful soul Cariema Issacs the author of Spice Oddessy. She is so passionate about her roots and culture that she has inspired me to think more about my future goals especially about telling the story.
  • Transformation in the travel blogging space will happen when bloggers of colour are included in Travel and Food campaigns for their unique audiences and their stories they bring to the table.
  • My blog is a combination of food, travel and culture. I love sharing stories of my experiences. The SpiceGoddess Blog has been around since 2010 and has worked with several local and global brands.
Verushka Ramasami