Ntsiki Biyela

We could not be prouder of one of our very own than we are of Ntsiki Biyela. We all know the challenges that we face as people of colour. Throw in being a woman in the world of wine and it becomes a little storm in the tea cup. But not for this determined individual. She took a dream and she made it a reality despite all odds. She’s the first black female winemaker in South Africa – not exactly an easy feat. She’s carving paths for not only women of colour but women as a whole. Showing that with a positive mind set, things are and can be possible.

While she’s globe-trotting and making her mark and South African wine known outside our borders.

Q & A with Ntsiki

Question: Do you have a motto that you live by?

Answer: Do everything from a place of love

Question: Why wine?

Answer: It was the scholarship that took me to the direction, but after that, I made a decision to follow through.

Question: Who inspires you?

Answer: I get inspired by different people, mostly when I am down, I think of what my grandmother would have done.

Question: What has it been like going into the industry that’s dominated by people who don’t always take women seriously never mind as a winemaker and mover and shaker of all things wine?

Answer: I have built relationships in the industry, so it is not much of an issue. But also, I choose not to focus on the negative people, I ignore and focus on what brings positivity in my life.

Question: I see you’re now in DC, how has your wine been received there? And here at home?

Answer: It has been great. People are welcoming.

Question: Any parting words from your side?

Answer: Things will happen when the time is right, it is never too late or early. So always keep a positive outlook no matter how bleak things may seem at the time. One step at a time. A change is coming.