Nikita Singh

Following a successful career as a senior art director at a multinational corporation, Nikita dropped InDesign and took up a spatula. Her epicurean interests led to journalism where she shares intimate stories of upcoming chefs, indigenous food culture, and culinary trends. Nikita now works as a food writer, stylist, and recipe developer based in Johannesburg.

Q & A with Nikita

  • I’m passionate about food writing, styling, and recipe development. I believe there’s more to the industry than just fast food jobs and PR content. In my culinary career, I want to celebrate and showcase the range of food cultures and flavours in this country.
  • I felt incredibly proud when my work was featured on the international news site Quartz Africa. Recognition on an international level gave me the encouragement and validation I needed concerning my dramatic career change.
  • Transformation in the food styling industry will happen when companies recognise new talent.I see SAPOC expanding at a global level. Locally, and internationally, this group will be a  source of knowledge, encouragement, and recognition for people of colour.
  • I greatly admire cookbook author Cariema Isaacs. Her recipes are bursting with love and passion, and they celebrate the beauty and diversity of Cape Malay culture.