Morakeng Calvin Makgaila

Morakeng Calvin Makgaila is an undergraduate degree student in Gastronomic Sciences and food cultures at UNISG in Pollenzo, Italy, a gardener and an activist from Soweto. Having spent time as a farmer and exchanging knowledge, he studies food practices including food sociology, basic food chemistry, food anthropology, history and agroecology. He says: “Currently, I have no idea what the future holds, but I think about successful food gardens and ethical restaurants every day.”

Q & A with Calvin

  • I have come to understand that things work in systemic patterns. POC needs to recognize those systems and start the conversation about food and identity, the past, current, and future of our practices.
  • My grandmother is my ultimate inspiration. Her name is Makwagoshila Mashifane. She has always been available for every question or misunderstanding in my life, she still farms and feeds a lot of people, still cooks a warm dish of food growN entirely by her. She is a hero.
  • The entire food industry will change the day we understand and accept that we have to disconnect power from the food industry, forget the reductionism and promote complexity
  •  I am an enthusiast, a gastronome in the process and open to new ideas related to that. Thank you