Monique Juter

Please welcome Monique Juter, founding member of the first Cape Flats coffee roasting company, Conquer Cape Coffee Monique says: “We’re a small family operated business established late in 2018 but already gaining great exposure through collaborations, mobile events and our social media links.”

Q & A with Monique

Question: What’s your goal/vision for this conference?

Answer: Our vision as the Conquer team is to showcase our brand and familiarize consumers with our products. It is always important to network with people from different industries with different insights. We are hoping that the #SAPOCTable conference gives us the opportunity to do that.

Question: Name one person in this broader industry whom you look up to or a person who you really admire and why.

Answer:  I draw inspiration from different people, cultures and everyday life and incorporate it into whatever I do. My absolute everyday “coffee inspirer” is Bradley Juter. Not just because he’s my husband but because of how well he’s established himself in the coffee industry. It is truly amazing to witness how he is able to build strong relationships through great service, respect and appreciation for people’s work and talents. He has taught me the importance of working “with” someone instead of working “for” someone. Mr. Robert Van Noie from Weststaff Services in the hospitality staffing industry is definitely someone I look up to as well. He creates employment for many individuals from our economically challenged communities which in turn gives his clients the opportunity to be a part of their upliftment. Many of his ex-employees now own their own businesses, myself included, and I am grateful that he has given me the platform to cultivate my work ethic.

Question: What would you love people to know about you and your work?

Answer: The coffee culture in Cape Town has become so similar that it is somewhat difficult to differentiate one from the other. With our brand we are building relationships through great service, focus on consumer preference and at the same time introduce something other than what they are accustomed to.