Keanon Michaels

Keanon Michaels a private chef/catering business which started 22 April 2017, bringing the restaurant experience to the comfort of your home. Keanon Michaels hails from Strandfontein, Cape Town, which is where his production kitchen and family is based. He is involved in training and mentoring kids who grew up in similar circumstances as he did – surfing and cooking is how he connects with them. Keanon hosts an exclusive 20 seat chefs table every second month in Strandfontein called “TASTE THE PASSION”, a 3 fine dining course dinner paired with 2 local wines to showcase his creativity as a chef.

Q & A with Keanon

QuestionWhat’s your goal/vision for this conference?

Answer:  My goal is to showcase my passion and vision to the rest of South Africa and especially other like-minded individuals of colour.

QuestionName one person in this broader industry whom you look up to or a person who you really admire and why.

Answer: I admire Xenophyn de Jong – head of food studies department at Mitchells Plain School of Skills. He does so much for the students placing them in the industry while at school at the top restaurants with top chefs.

QuestionFill in the following: Transformation in this industry (name your specific field or cause) will happen when….

Answer: Transformation in the chef industry will happen when chefs of colour unite and support each other as opposed to indulging in competitiveness.

Question: What drives you to do what you do every day?

Answer: What drives me is PASSION – it’s the force behind everything I do as a chef and as a business owner.

Keanon Micheals