Carlo Randall

Indigenous health practitioner/bush doctor and activist Carlo Randall, a descendant of the First Peoples.

Q & A with Carlo

QuestionWho is Carlo, in short?

Answer: I am a registered Indigenous Health Practitioner known as a Bushdoctor. I travelled South Africa for a period of 15 years. 7 years learning of the oral knowledge in indigenous healing remedies, a further 8 years strengthening my network of bushdoctors, knowledge and creating value added products. In the past 10 years I have dedicated my personal time to developing Indigenous Knowledge Systems Based Education for the Self-Determination of Indigenous People. During these 25 years and continuing I have done short course certifications ranging from plant propagation to biomimicry principles.

QuestionWhat’s your goal/vision for this conference, in other words: why is it important?

Answer: My goal for this conference is to talk about plant medicine, the importance of self-empowerment and having courage going forward.

QuestionName one person in this broader industry whom you look up to or a person who you really admire and why?

Answer: I admire Hilda Adams of @weskusmandjie, because of her wisdom, focus and advocacy. Speaking to her and listening to her advice makes doing what we do better in this challenge we face. I also admire Furdill Vilander, who is only 25 years, but has taken it upon himself to endorse the educational work I have started and continue to develop by teaching the schools in Klein Plaas, Worcester. I admire and support him for having courage and vision. In twenty years’ time he will be my age…. and I would love to see the progress made in the future.

QuestionFill in the following: Transformation in this industry (name your specific field or cause) will happen when…

Answer: Transformation in this industry must include Indigenous Knowledge Systems. This will happen only when we actively support and participate Indigenous Knowledge Systems Based Education for our schools, in our schools, from a grassroots level into High School and beyond further education.

QuestionWhat would you love people to know about you and your work?

Answer: We as People of Colour need to take ownership of our indigenous knowledge and develop it. In doing this we strengthen the ties in our communities, are able to become economically empowered and independent.


Carlo Randall