Lufuno Sinthumule

Chef Lufuno has a passion for cooking. He believes that using wholesome ingredients wherever possible is the healthiest and most economical way to prepare food. He has a Masters’ degree in Food Service Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Education Management from the Vaal University of Technology. He is a Culinary lecturer at one of the best hospitality school in Africa, private chef (who cooked for 5 heads of states during 2018 BRICS summit,) recipe developer and cookbook author of, “Funi Cooks South Africa”.

Q & A with Funi

  1. My vision for SA POC at the Table is working together with the community at large to start to publish all the recipes that were not captured during the times of our grandparents. We need to start to educate, teach and motivate those who were previously underprivileged.
  2. I admire Albert Kooy, SVH master chef and executive chef. He is a highly qualified, deeply experienced chef and one of the great culinary innovators. Albert has specialized in perfecting his native cuisine and pushing it forward while also exploring cuisine as diverse as French, Swiss and Japanese. In 2015 I had a privilege of spending the whole day in his kitchen at Stenden University.
  3. As a lecturer, I believe that transformation in the food industry will happen when we start to focus and teach our own cuisine. There is no text book for South African cuisine. We are still teaching the European and American syllabus.
  4. You can find me at and on Intagram @cookingwithfuni and Facebook: